It has been a little over five years since the birth of Wear Oh Where. And oh, how things have changed since. I, for one, am no longer the same person who started this website in 2013. You are different, too. We have both grown and evolved. And so, I feel it is apropos for Wear Oh Where to join us in the same space and align with who we are in this season, to tell the stories and have conversations that matter to us now, to creatively and authentically express the way we see the world and live our life — with more heart, soul, wisdom, presence and grace — and to keep discovering and becoming.

It's time for a metamorphosis, a rebirth.

This month — because when better to start over than the start of a brand new year when enthusiasm is fully charged, right? — we are taking some time to turn over a new leaf. A new look, a different take on storytelling, and new sections will be
unveiled very soon. So, wait for it.

Until then, keep self-caring — read more, worry less,
smile often, do yoga, take belly breaths, stay present,
get off Instagram, write a friend a letter, be kind, and watch the clouds drift by.

I'll speak with you again once Wear Oh Where 2.0 is ready to WoW. Leave your email address below, and I'll see you guys back here très, très bientôt.

x Karman

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