My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.

— Coco Chanel —

In a way, Wear Oh Where (we like to call it “WoW”) was created for the same reason that Coco Chanel created her legendary life. The website was started by Karman Tse, a long-time journalist. She couldn’t find the inspiration and stories she was looking for in lifestyle/fashion websites and blogs in Singapore. They didn’t please her. (Well, there are a few good ones, but not enough.) And so, she created her own.

Wear Oh Where is not just another lifestyle website. Karman believes in the power of stories — she loves reading them, and even more so, she enjoys discovering, writing and telling them.

In 2013, she started interviewing women who wow her — understanding life and the world through their eyes, their style, their work, their selfcare routines and tools, and really any wisdom these women will impart. There’s something to be learned from these WoW Women that can give us all a little boost on our own path to living and being better.

Elsewhere, our team also document their own inspired moments, experiences, observations and thoughts on topics that are close to their hearts. After all, in life and in style, if there isn’t a point of view, then what is the point, right? x


Karman Tse


Karman has been a journalist and editor for over a decade. It all started at TODAY, one of Singapore’s leading newspapers where she covered lifestyle beats from travel and fashion to dining and entertainment. It was also here that she developed her skills and passion for design.

Eight years later, it was au revoir, newspaper, and hello, glossies. She took on the role of Editor at Revolution Press, and subsequently that of Digital Editor at Glam Media and MediaCorp Publishing. Some of the most memorable interviews she’s done in the course of her career have been with Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Aimee Song, Margaret ZhangMichelle PhanSylvia Toledano and Kelly Wearstler.

Karman’s experience in print and digital media, her knack for words and eye for design/style have also opened doors for her to work with major publications like Tatler Singapore, Her World, Female and Luxury Insider.

What started as a passion project in 2013 is now lauded as a go-to for inspiring stories about inspiring people, and she has since written and photographed editorials for CHANEL, DIOR, CLUB 21, THE OUTNET.COM, LOEWE, RALPH LAURENMATTER, SINGAPORE FASHION WEEK, and The Canary Diamond Co, among others. instagram.com/jesuiskaka


Assistant Editor

Charlene’s life is a big, beautiful, creative mess, and she loves every bit of it. The shoe designer spends her days sewing little booties for babies, making beautyCharlene Monaghan is an Assistant Editor at Wear Oh Where. Her big beautiful mess of a life has led her where she needs to be. She is always on a journey of self-discovery, and hopes that everything she learns on the way will inspire others to live a life of happiness and love. Nature, travel, reiki, yoga, breathing and gratitude are a few things that keep her going.

Eva Rishon Ho

Contributor (Writer)

Rishon lives, breathes good music and books. She has the phrase “Live wild, die free” tattoo-ed on her back when she turned 18, and believes in living life to her heart’s desire, and dying without regrets. spacesbyher.blogspot.sg

Daniel Koh


Daniel is an avid outdoor lifestyle and adventure photographer who’s based in Singapore. He recently explored the United States for three months, living life on the road. It is on this journey that he found the passion to pursue photography to capture moments that are meant to be remembered. It gives him great joy to adventure, to meet people, to hear their stories and capture them. www.danielkoh.co



“If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy tales and I like them best of all.” Like Holly Golightly, Charnice believes that fairy tales are the stuff of happiness. Christmas is her favourite time of year, and she dreams of all things sparkly and nice — that’s not to say she doesn’t also enjoy a good bargain. With the curiosity of a cat, she is easily fascinated, especially by everything beauty, fashion and food.



Terri believes that personal growth and improvement are a ceaseless process. So when she’s not seeking new ways of challenging herself, exploring new places to eat and putting together her next outfit, she wonders about life, its perplexities and people. And when life gets her down, there is no better cure for her than the voice of Ella Fitzgerald and the wisdom of George Orwell.


Niza started her Instagram account in 2013 under the moniker @Paperccino with the intention of sharing random musings of her absolutely mundane life. A simple post of an illustration she doodled, however, became the beginning of a new career as a fashion illustrator. She has worked with MediaCorp and collaborated with online magazines including this one. A girl should dream big — and hers would be to build her own stationery empire. instagram.com/paperccino

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