This Is How We (Nerds) Rock A Party

It’s T-2 days to Christmas Eve. Who’s already out of office and in the spirit of partying? 🙋🙋🙋

I love parties. But let me just say the thing you’re maybe not supposed to say (if you want to seem cool): When it comes to parties, if you’re more Rory Gilmore than Serena van der Woodsen, it can be pretty anxiety inducing. You want to be there, you want to drink, drink and make merry, let your hair down, have fun… but, but, there are, like, a million things that could put a dampener on your YOLO or MOJO.

Wrong dress, or worse, shoes. (Makes you fidgety and puts you in pain all night.)

Ordered a bad drink with a cute name. (Gives you an instant migraine.)

Sh*t. There is not one familiar face. (What party did you RSVP for??)

Double sh*t! You’re stuck in a bad, very bad, STD (small talk debacle, not the other thing.)

Oh great, you’ve been chatting with this dude with smudged mascara the whole time. (You should done the waterproof mascara test.)

You get the picture…

I am determined to wake up on Christmas morning remembering this year’s Christmas Eve party like it was a scene out of The Great Gatsby and not Last Friday Night. So, for better of for worse, I called for a tiny powwow with Karman and Abigail, the two people on our team* whom I thought might have a party hack or two to impart. See our convo below.

*Alas, they turn out to be party nerds, too, sorry. Nerdy party hacks, anyone? Merry Christmas! And if you’re going to drink, don’t drive. 😇

I am determined to wake up on Christmas morning remembering this year’s Christmas Eve party like it was a scene out of The Great Gatsby and not Last Friday Night.


First things first, what kind of party person are you?
Karman: The Wallflower who pretends to sip champagne at some corner.

Abigail: The Late-Is-Better-Than-Never kind. I am never on time for parties!
Me: The Sleepy One. Cinderella turns to rags at midnight, I’m a zombie by 11pm.

What’s your idea of a great party…
Karman: A cosy sit-down dinner. Good friends, great conversation and amazing food. Maybe a spot of Netflix and Taboo.

Abigail: Any gathering with close friends, good food and lots of laughter. Great décor is a plus too — Bri Emery’s parties always have me wishing I were there.

Me: Any party with live music and cocktails *cue The Piña Colada Song* — and I’m there.



What’s your go-to party outfit?
Karman: It depends on my mood. But always something comfortable — and I must feel like myself in it.

Abigail: I like to wear something comfortable and effortless, like a fun dress with sneakers.

Me: My safe bet is always a dark pair of ankle-grazing skinny jeans with a loose-fit sleeveless shirt or a shift dress (think Twiggy x Olivia Palermo) and ballet flats. I, too, always prioritise comfort. My cherry on top will be a statement necklace because I hardly wear prints.

If you could bring only one make-up item, what would it be?
Karman: Lip gloss.

Abigail: A moisturising tinted lip balm. I don’t wear much make-up, so that’s what I use to add a touch of colour.

Me: Eyeliner. I’m a chronic eye-rubber, so touch-ups are necessary.


You have a party right after work. How do you go from dead eyes to Emma Stone eyes in under five minutes?
Karman: Highlighter — I swear by Marc Jacob Beauty’s Remedy Concealer Pen. Eyedrops. And this is not eye-specific, but face mists are a great refreshment for the face. I alternate between SK-II’s Mid-Day Miracle Face Essence and Allies Of Skin’s rose-scented Molecular Savior Toner Mist. If you have time, start the prep work the night before. Use a sheet mask (I’m a fan of Porcelain The Face Spa’s Hydrocare mask) — a good complexion solves a lot of problems, and prevention is better than cure.

Abigail: A little concealer under the eyes goes a long way.

Me: This is a pretty good quick-fix for puffy eyes: Dip two metal spoons in iced water for about a minute, then gently press them onto closed eyes for a few minutes. Repeat. Works like a charm.



Complete the sentence: I don’t ever ___ at a party.
Karman: Stay till the end.

Abigail: Show up uninvited.

Me: Get drunk. Lack of self-control (and hugging the toilet) is not pretty. 🙅

What gift do you bring for the party host?
Karman: A good wine or a DIY dessert. Always with a handwritten card.

Abigail: A good set of headphones for a guy, and a lovely hamper set from Lush for a lady.

Me: I’m inclined to go with something edible — preferably some good-looking and yummy cupcakes. They’re gender neutral and even if the host doesn’t care for it, the guests might.


Ok, we really need to exchange good tips for making good small talk. And how to get out of a bad one.
Karman: I wish I could say I have tips. I suck at small talk big time. But the older I get, the less tolerance I have for BS — so I try to be as interested as I can possibly be with someone I’ve just met, and if I’m lucky, we’d click and have a nice chat, it not, then I suppose “I need to use the washroom” or “help the hostess, my best friend”.

Abigail: If you’re trapped in a boring conversation, it might be a good idea to let your action speak louder than words — look bored, fidget as politely as you can, haha. If that doesn’t go as planned, excuse yourself to get another drink.

Me: Oh, small talk. I think talking about music is generally a good way to get to know someone without prying too much. I’d start by talking about what’s playing at the party. If I had to make a great escape from a bad conversation, I just go with the “I’m sorry but I need the restroom” excuse. I know…



Of course we need to talk about the dream Plus One who’d not only rock the party but our world. So, if you could take anyone dead or alive, real or fictitious, to a party, who would it be?
Karman: Benedict Cumberbatch. If he’s not available, Chandler Bing for a very punny party.

Abigail: Jennifer Lawrence. You know you’re gonna have a good time with this one.

Me: The Beatles.

Photos: Karman Tse  //  Special appearance by Aude Giraud

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