The Fashion Generation Gap


Fashion is a funny (and sometimes irrational) thing. One moment you’re completely into a trend, loving it like a love song. And then suddenly, you wake up one morning and decide you’re over it like Selena’s over Bieber. The opposite can also be true. What used to be the loathe of your teenaged life — “boring” white shirts, bell bottoms, clogs… — could very well, in your 30s, be your new-found love.

Between our editor Karman and I are 20 years and countless fashion fads. While we are unanimous on our approval of wearing sneakers with everything, we find ourselves disagreeing on mom jeans and jeggings. I can’t help but wonder if there’s such a thing as a fashion generation gap. Is it okay to wear a jumpsuit past the age of 30? Can one be “too young” for mules? And what trends transcend age? We conducted a mini Fash Off to find out.

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Slides. Clogs. Mules

Karman: No, no and no. #Sorrynotsorry. What was it that Blair Waldorf said? Oh yes, sandals are not shoes. WWBWS to these, I shudder to imagine. 

Charnice: Clogs: No (what are we, reindeers?). Slides: Yes (with the exception of pool slides). Mules: Definite yes — and I know Marilyn Monroe would be on my side on this one. 


Oversized Shirts As Dresses

Karman: This calls to mind that Sex And The City episode in which Carrie Bradshaw goes home in Big’s not-nearly-big-enough shirt (context: she fell into a pond with her Dior purse and needed a shower and change of clothes at Big’s). It’s a discombobulating moment, even for CB. “You remembered to put on a belt, but not pants?!” was what I thought to myself. So, here’s what I think… if Carrie can’t pull it off, you should take it off. That said, it is cool and can be quite sexy as long as you stay within the confines of your home or holiday villa. Think of it like a sartorial ankle monitor — you don’t want to alarm the fashion police.

Charnice: Hell, yeah! Anything oversized, I am your girl. No really, make a beeline for the men’s section to find the perfect one.

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Mom Jeans

Karman: Mom Jeans are like junk food. You know it’s bad for your ass, yet you just can’t help yourself. If I could pick only one vice, I’d pick Ben & Jerry’s. No butts about it.

Charnice: Absolutely yes. You may look like you lack a bit in the back region but paired with a fitted top or cinching the waist with a belt can help figure improve it. And make sure that they’re not too baggy on the ankles. But if you’re still weird about it after all that, a pair of heels is all I’m saying.



Karman: In food and in fashion, fusion doesn’t always work out the way you’d hope. I like my jeans. I like leggings. Just not in the same piece of garment. Like salted egg croissant I guess you either love it or hate. Well I hate them both.

Charnice: Tights are not pants — I know that. But I can’t seem to say no to Topshop jeggings — yes only Topshop ones. They’re more jeans than tights, if you ask me. They’re stretchy enough to accommodate a little holiday/PMS weight but not not tight enough for the camel toe to make a cameo.

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Sneakers With Everything 

Karman: Kristen Stewart, I love you. From the red carpet to the White House, this girl has taught us that nothing matters more than comfort (and a devil-may-care attitude). Comfort = confidence. It’s just a whole other level of cool. I mean, even Victoria Beckham has come to her senses and gone for adidas over Jimmy Choos. So yes. And I hope this one’s here to stay forever.

Charnice: 2014 me would have stood far, far away from this bandwagon. But it’s 2016, I think it’s a shoe-in and I’m staying in it.


Crop Tops

Karman: Is Taylor Swift over the crop top like it’s Calvin Harris yet? Well, I think it’s here to stay anyway — it’s very flattering when worn with high-waisted shorts/pants especially if you’ve got some fab abs with which to play fashion peek-a-boo.

Charnice: Crop away please. I also think it is best paired with a high-waisted counterpart — unless you’re fabulouslike Karlie Kloss.

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Karman: I once overheard someone saying that you can’t pull off a jumpsuit after the age of 30. Pish-tosh. That’s like putting an age limit of the use of emoji. Listen, the jumpsuit does not discriminate. Whether you’re six or 60, jump right in, I say.

Charnice: On days when you have absolutely no idea what to wear or if you’re running late and have no time for a mini fashion show at 9am, it’s jumpsuits to the rescue.


Bell Bottoms

Karman: The way they elongate my legs, yes! To reach for new heights, sartorially and literally — make an exception with the sneakers and bring out the wedges instead . And why not? It looks like the 70s is never going out of style anyway.

Charnice: Yes. Yes. Yes. Especially the heel-concealing, floor-grazing ones.


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Off-shoulder Anything

Karman: I am in complete agreement with Nicole Warne when she said in the latest issue of Porter that few woman hate their shoulders. It’s a very good part to show off, and there’s something quite sexy about it. So, yes, yes, off-shoulder tops and dresses, it’s on.

Charnice: I call this “the top that makes you feel special”. I have to be honest here, it wasn’t love at first sight for me, but once I tried one on, there was no going back. It’s like trying on heels for the first time — there’s something about it that makes you stand taller and feel more confident. It’s a yes for me!

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