THE things a woman tells herself when she needs wants a new bag. There’s no stopping her. It’s just a matter of picking the prefect “reason” to go with her new love. Oh yes, we keep a list of those handy like mints, don’t we? Well, in case you’re ever out of ideas, we’d be happy to loan you a few of our favourites. If we may say so ourselves, our arguments are pretty airtight — even for Patty Hewes. And most of them are backed solid by some very influential people — like Katy-for-Hillary solid.

(So, word of advice, guys: Just drop it. Give it up. Accept it. You’ll never win the “Why do you need another bag?” argument.)

  1. The heart wants what it wants. (Thanks, Selena Gomez!)
  2. I can’t fight this feeling any longer. (See? The REO Speedwagon dudes get it.)
  3. My greatest luxury is not to have to justify myself to anyone. (Hey, if Uncle Karl says so… who are you to refute him?)
  4. Money looks better in the bank than on your feet shoulder. Yes, Sophia Amoruso does make a good point, but what if I have way more interest in the bag? *Grin and add to cart*
  5. Oh my god, look at that face. It looks like my next mistake. But I’ve got a blank space… in my closet. (You can always, always count on Taytay for good advice.)
  6. It’s pink! (Elle Woods would totally approve. Totally.)
  7. A bag is not an accessory, it’s your home. (Hello, Caroline de Maigret cannot be wrong. She’s Parisian. C’est tout.)
  8. When I shop, the world gets better. Awww, Rebecca Bloomwood gets me! Shopping for a good cause is possibly the best kind of shopping. Win-win.

Bag: Pink Pony “Ricky” Drawstring bag, Ralph Lauren, S$2,130

*As a part of Ralph Lauren’s Pink Pony campaign, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, 50 per cent of the proceeds from the Pink Pony Ricky drawstring bag will be directed towards the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Photos: Karman Tse

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