Saved By The Net-A-Porter Sale

I love giving gifts, but shopping for them? Not so much. I am a Grade-A procrastinator. There have been occasions when I was so awesome at procrastinating that I put off the shopping until the event passed. I am not proud of that. But it’s just so haaaaaard to get it right. When I put in 100% for exams and violin practice, I know I’d reap what I sow — give or take. But with gifts, no matter how many years you’ve been doing this, it’s still a gamble every single time. And there’s so much to consider.

First, the list. Who to add to list, whose name to strike through without ruth. Then there’s the budget. You don’t want to get something too cheap, or you’d be branded a miser for the rest of the year. But you can’t afford anything too extravagant. Should you get something (a) you like; (b) you think the recipient would like; or (c) they like despite your disapproval? Do you get a practical gift, or something you know they’d never buy on their own? Even when you’ve finally got the theory part of it down perfectly, there’s the practical — the actual shopping. There’s no guarantee you’d find what you have in mind.

So, my friends, you see, I do want to get you the perfect gift (if there’s indeed such a thing), but somehow I frequently end up giving nothing because… nothing is better than the wrong thing, right? I just… care too much. 😁

OK, fine, excuses! We are one week away from Christmas, and I am — surprise! — still at the procrastinate stage of my gift-shopping plan. Well, until now. All I can say is: TGFNAP. That’s Thank God For Net-A-Porter! The much-awaited sale is on (yay!), and how it’s motivated me? I’ve already wish-listed gifts for my friends. And at 50 percent. What’s so bad about procrastinating? ✌


She Loves Denim Everything


She’s A Party Animal


She’s Twiggy In Another Life


She’s Sporty Spice


She Really Wants To Be Kate Middleton


She’s A Total Geek


She Is My Boyfriend’s Mother


She’s My Secret Santa


She Is… ME

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