Mum Says I Should Wear Sunscreen…

Well, mum says a lot of things. Now that she’s a Whatsapp expert, she has even more to say, if you can believe it. But, like you, dear readers, I don’t always listen. Not until it’s too late anyway.

One of the many wisdom she tries tirelessly to impart to yours truly since I was little is to wear sunscreen — ALWAYS, come rain or shine. Those little brown speckly things on her face and arms ought to be a cautionary tale, she’d warn.

But, but, Bella Hadid totally rocks her freckles, mum. It’s hot. Can’t say I’d mind it, TBH. Also, most sun-care products either reek or are too sticky

for my liking. But, sigh, okayyesIgetit, freckles or not, UV — baaaad. SPF — goooood.

So, seeing as I’m weeks away from turning 21, my first order of adulting business (in baby steps) is to make an effort to incorporate sunscreen into my beauty routine — without adding an extra step, or minute, to it. Some people like to accuse us millennials as being “lazy” — I prefer to think of us as a super resourceful, efficient and multi-tasking bunch. After a few experiments, I successfully pinned down five ways of killing two birds with one proverbial stone. I feel like a responsible adult already. I’m ready for you, 21. ☀️ 😎


Sunblock and Chill
Like I said, one of my greatest pet peeves with sunblock is that many of them are thick — as thieves robbing you of comfort. They’re supposed to shield me from the sun, not Valyrian steel! The last thing I need is to feel mucky in our unforgiving weather. So thank you, su:m37, for understanding this, and for giving us the super lightweight Sun-away Cooling Watery Sun Block EX SPF50+ / PA++. Love the minty cool sensation it leaves on my skin — a bonus. Not to mention that it can double up as a day moisturiser.

Sunblock and Make Eyes
When adults talk about eye cream, I roll my eyes 🙄. Yes, call it the folly of youth — it is not my most immediate concern at the moment. Or so I used to think. But here’s the truth: Nothing is ever truly your most pressing concern until it is too late. I am determined to be a responsible adult with wrinkle-free skin for as long as I can help it. Enter: Supergoop!’s Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 37 with Oat Peptides . Can you hear me scream for eye cream with sunscreen?

Sunblock and Moisturise
I may be lazy about skincare (cuz I can!), but moisturising is a must even for me. Although I have a go-to that I love, I’ll admit I was quite excited when I tried Supergoop!’s City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30. It’s a serum that moisturises and protects simultaneously. Multi-tasker — I like! Expecially because it hydrates without giving me an oily face at the end of the day.


Sunblock and Tint
They say you can tell if a person is healthy and happy by the glow in her face. By that measure, I think I’m looking quite happy right now, thanks to Su:m37’s SPF 50 Sun-away Multi Effect Sun Block Ex. OK, I’m nowhere near Jessica Alba radiant, but I can really get used to this new sheen. Extra points for its lovely lavender scent which took me back to that time I roamed in lavender fields in Provence.

Sunblock and Set the Make-up
True: I don’t wear make-up much. But I am experimenting with it a bit more with my impending adulthood. With greater responsibilities expected of me very soon, where will I find more time and energy for make-up, I can’t help but wonder. And what is this “excuse me, I need to powder my nose” business? What does that even mean? Seriously, never mind, no time for that. I’m glad I found Supergoop!’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 with Rosemary. It gives me SPF and it helps my make-up stay on. In a word: Lifesaver. This mist is my new must.

Mum, are you reading this?

Photography  //  KARMAN TSE   Additional Editing  //  CHARLENE MONAGHAN

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