Good Vibes Only Please

Sometimes when we’re in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.

Jennifer Niven

So, here I am, with my new laptop, raring to embark on a new chapter of my life.

Hello readers, my name is Charlene. I have recently landed a job at Wear Oh Where. Officially, my title is assistant editor. Unofficially, I am the resident wellness guru. (This office is about to get goop-ed! Ish. 🍏✌🏻)

First order of business: I want to introduce myself, and hopefully, get to know you, too, in time.

Like many of you, I spent a big part of my 33-year-old life trying to figure myself out. I’m not going to lie — it has been a long, winding road full of ups and downs (but whose journey isn’t, right?) The point is, if there’s one important lesson I’ve learned, it’s this: The best thing to do in life is to let go and let it flow. (Lao Tzu did say: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”) Live each day with an open heart, with positivity, and the things you desire — love, purpose, joy, the right opportunities — will find you when you least expect it. You will even start to see little magic happen in and around your life. To quote another great mind,

Roald Dahl, “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Everything happens — or not — for a reason. I remember the very week that I decided to open my heart to life’s endless possibilities, to let go of things that I had no control over, and to stop feeling sorry for what failed to happen for me, that was the week I landed a job I love. This door opened merely days after another had slammed shut in my face. Oh, Life — she does have a funny way of answering your calls. Another lesson learned: When I let go of disappointment, I made space for something better, or more right for me.

Life is the messy bits. Shit happens, whether we like it or not. What are you going to do with it? That’s what matters. I picked up some useful tools and wisdom on my journey, and I’d like to think that I am a much happier and more positive person because — not in spite of — the shit. There will always be road bumps along the way, but knowing that you have tools to soften the blow and to cope, that is something. I hope mine will inspire you a little, and maybe cast a little light wherever you are. And when all else fails, just breathe and reboot.

1. Morning Ritual

Almost every successful person you read about has a morning ritual. That must say something, right? Every morning, I practise a simple ritual that consists of listing three things I’m grateful for, sipping lemon water, oil pulling, journalling, and a short mindful breathing and Reiki (see No 2) exercise. I will admit to missing a few on some mornings, but still, I always feel great and full of energy, and ready to start the day afterwards. This is fantastic for chasing away those Monday blues, try it.


2. Good Energy Only

I love crystals. I have for as long as I can remember, and over the years, I’ve amassed a humble collection. My favourite is a chunky rose quartz bracelet I wear every day. Rose quartz is connected with the heart chakra, and symbolises love and gratitude. The bracelet also has a tinge of amethyst, which is a healing stone. Then, there’s Reiki, a form of energy healing therapy, which I picked up about three years ago, and practise quite regularly.


3. Nature

Good day or bad, it never fails to amaze me what wonders a walk among trees, or in a vast natural environment can do. There’s something so healing and comforting about nature, even just looking up from the computer screen at the office plants is a source of solace. Don’t believe me? Believe Pantone. They did, after all, name “Greenery” the colour of 2017. Or you can turn off your Netflix and go to your nearest park for a stroll to see for yourself.


4. DIY

I make my own deodorants, scented mists and detergents. I like using natural or plant-based products as much as possible. If I’m being honest, it’s not easy. I get lazy sometimes, but I try. The key is to keep it simple. Full disclosure: Not everything in my home is natural, but hey, change takes time. I’m swapping out items one by one, so I like to keep an eye out for new, natural, cruelty-free, non-toxic or plant based products. Got any recommendations? Please write me and share!


5. Pause, Breathe, Let It Flow

I used to have a glass of wine or two (okay, fine, a bottle) to relax and unwind. But nowadays, I turn to something better and cheaper free: Breathing. I take long, deep breaths if I need to calm myself down — it is such a useful exercise in helping me get the clarity I need any time of the day. A single deep breath allows you pause and be present in that moment, to make space for you to just be.

I love yoga, too. Not only for what it does for my body, but more for what it does for my mind and soul. I know yoga is not something new to the scene and people generally love it after giving it a go (with the exception of my football-crazy, stiff-as-a-board husband). Kundalini yoga however, is something new that I attempted recently and it’s amazing! It gets my energy flowing until I feel a welcome sense of freedom like never before — freedom to be me.


6. Hope

I dream of being a mother one day — the more kids, the better. Sometimes, dreams come true, sometimes they remain exactly that — a dream. But I believe that every single one of us is destined with a unique path. It’s not always clear why you are where you are and not elsewhere, or why your dreams happen for someone else and not you. But what I know is, if you have a dream in your heart, you should NEVER ever give up hope. Because when you hope for the best, the best will eventually find its way to you.


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