Bon Dimanche

>> Sunday. 11:21am. Paris. >>

Late breakfast. I don’t know how I have whiled away the morning. But I’m here now. I sit inside Frenchie To Go (FTG) which sits on a little, obscure rue named Rue du Nil, just five minutes’ walk from my apartment. Today I have a prime window seat, right next to the entrance in close proximity to the comings and goings of patrons and staff of the café. Each time they enter or exit, I am treated to a puff of cool air from outside. It is 10 degrees Celsius.

As I sit still with my café crème (well, it’s finished now, so it’s really just forlorn-looking, beige-coloured foam abandoned at the bottom of the white ceramic cup) and two discs of pancakes with an œuf. and a scoop of fruit compote (it’s pear on closer look — I had assumed it’d be apple), with no plans for the day, I can’t help but wonder what everyone is up to. The people I spy walking past on the other side of the window — where are they going?

Couples — many of them, old and young. (It’s nice to see old couples hold hands, isn’t it?) Small families — most of them a trio with one small child in tow or in a pram thing. And lone wanderers — like me.

What will they do today? Precious Sunday.

Who will they meet?

Who will make them laugh?

What will they discover?

Will they encounter her? La Tour Eiffel? (I never quite feel like I’m in Paris until I have caught a glimpse of her. Until she sneaks up on me unannounced sometimes. Sometimes when I try to look out for her in a car or à pied, she hides from me. I guess there are days when even she doesn’t wish to be seen. The thought comforts me.)

But I digress.

Wherever everyone is going, I hope they are going to have a bon dimanche.

Qu’est ce que tu vas faire?



Frenchie To Go.
9, Rue du Nil 75002 Paris. Métro: Sentier 

 What to order: 
Avocado and eggs 
Definitely a cookie 🍪

Today's inspiration: @WeTheUrban

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