This month, we are thrilled to be collaborating with celebrity hairstylists Paul Percival and Adam Reed to bring you the “Ask Percy & Reed” series. Over the next few weeks, the dynamic duo from London will be giving us all the answers we need to step out with enviable, ever-camera-ready hair. From haircare tips and styling how-tos to the latest hair trend — we’ve got it covered.

For the final instalment of our Ask Percy & Reed series (for now), we asked our fabulous gal pals what distresses them most about their tresses. And the one problem that seems to be ruffling more feathers than the rest is this: Hair damage — dryness, brittleness and dullness — from all the colouring and other chemical treatments they put their hair through so it’ll, ironically, look good. Do you, too, colour/perm/straighten your hair too often in addition to using a hair iron/curler at home? Well, the good news is, you don’t have to put paid to your hair-styling needs (not everyone can pull off the bed hair look like the Olsen Twins). There is in fact a very simple solution to it.

[Photo: Cameron McNee]

Paul & Adam:

Heat protection is a must when you’re using any heated appliance on your hair. As far as repair and maintenance are concerned, treatment oils are incredible. The Percy & Reed Oil+, for example, can be used either on dry hair before washing or on wet hair after washing. Work this into your hair-styling routine and it will restore strength and shine to your hair.

Percy & Reed

Percy & Reed’s Intensive Treatment Oil+ totally deserves an A+ as your hair’s new BFF.


Percy & Reed products are available at your nearest Sephora outlet in Singapore. 


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