9 Things We Love About
H&M Beauty (And Counting)

H&M Beauty

Looking forward to Friday already? Yeah, that makes you, me and everyone we know. But THIS Friday, we are dying to zip to. Why, haven’t you heard? This Friday, H&M’s beauty collection finally arrives in Singapore (it’s been a year since its US launch) at its Orchard Building flagship store. And it’s an enormous collection with over 1,000 items spanning cosmetics, skincare, hair products, nail polish and beauty tools… all under one roof. With an affordable price range that maxes at S$19.90, this means you can go craaaaazy — especially from Sept 9 to 12 when there will be special discounts.

The better news? We had a little sneak preview and tested a few things out. The verdict? We like-y. More than we expect. TBH, we’re quite blown away by the quality of the products. So we looked closer and found that they’re “Made In Italy” and share the same manufacturer as M.A.C. 😱

Excited yet? Well, if you still remember the three-day-long queue you endured (or witnessed) for the Balmain x H&M collection, you’d better brace yourself for what’s coming. Meanwhile, it might serve you well to start the prep work — endurance training, make a wish list, all that. If it helps, these are our picks.

H&M Beauty

Triple Trio Concealer Palette
Although it is limited to two tones to choose from — “Light to Medium” and “Medium to Dark”, each palette contains three shades. This way, it proves to be quite versatile and works for different areas of the face whether it’s a blemish or dark eye circles you need to conceal.

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher
Love the creamy texture. That makes it really effortless to apply. The downside, though, is that it is not very pigmented — bad news if you’re going for a party look. But if it’s a natural flush you prefer, then it does the job. Our Pick: Pink Coral

Creamy Lip Stick
Its staying power is worth a round of 👏🏻. It lasts about four hours (unless you decide to have chilli crab) — yes, we timed it. Even as it fades, it fades pretty nicely giving us something like three different shades as time goes by. I also like that it does not cause dryness to the lips. Admittedly, this is

no M.A.C, but hey, at S$14,90, you’re paying less than a third of M.A.C’s price — it’s definitely a steal! Karman’s Pick: Classic Cardinal / Kristie’s Pick: Ember Glow

Glossamer Lip Stain
The thickness of the lip stain is intimidating at first, but it’s actually pretty smooth on application. Surprisingly lightweight, too. Oh, if you like your lippie pigmented, this is the one for you. Tip: Precision is extremely important here. Be very steady when you get to the contour of your lip because it instantly stains the skin. Made a booboo? Apply Vaseline with a cotton tip. Kristie’s Pick: Leading Lady

Lush Lip Vinyl
And then there’s lip vinyl for those who don’t fancy lipgloss and the sticky feeling. Though it is still slightly sticky, it is light on the lips & extremely pigmented such that just 1 coat is needed for it to last. Kristie’s Pick: Tuscan Blush

H&M Beauty

Single Eye Shadow Pods
Perfect for lazy girls who want to look put together with minimal effort. If you’re constantly starved for time, this highly-pigmented eye shadow makes it real easy — swipe a little colour onto your fourth finger, dab it over your lids, blend and smudge and you good to go with a devil-may-care smokey eye look. Karman’s Pick: Anthracite

Nail Polish
H&M nails it with a whopping collection of 200 shades of nail varnish (good luck making a decision!). Personally, I’m not big on gold tones — 95 per cent of my accessories are silver — yet, I found myself drawn to the Green As Gold shade at H&M’s manicure station during our press preview. My fondness for it only grew in the days that followed. I was really impressed that the polish remained intact — not a chip! — for a whole week. You know it’s a pretty darn good formula when it applies

smoothly, and requires only two coats for a nice robust colour. Kristie Pick: Green As Gold

High and Mighty Mascara, Deep Black
As far as mascara wands go, this is up there mingling with our favourites from eyeko, Dior and Benefit. hard bristles are really tiny and short, making it easy to apply and coat each lash without them clumping up together.

Tinted Lip Balm (H&M Conscious Range)
One of the products in the H&M Conscious range that stands out for me are their Tinted Lip Balms that come in five scents — blueberry, vanilla, lemon, ginger and raspberry. They’re lightweight and absorb quickly — no stickiness, if you’re wondering. They’re also organic — a  major plus especially for something you’re putting on your lip. Karman’s Pick: Ginger

H&M Beauty launches on September 9 at the H&M Flagship store at Orchard Building, and on September 13 at the One Raffles Place outlet. Have fun!


Photos: H&M / Karman Tse (feature image)

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